S/N Events/Activities Date/Period
1. * Resumption of 2019/2020 Session for all fresh

& returning students except those on SIWES (i.e.

students resuming are: NDI, HNDI, ND II in SBMS,

& HND II Full Time and Part Time);

* Commencement of Registration for all fresh &

returning students listed above;

* Commencement of 14 weeks SIWES for students in


Mon. 27th January, 2020

2. Commencement of Lectures for all students (Full Time and Part Time) excluding those on SIWES Mon. 27th January, 2020
3. Meeting of the Congregation:

(i)   Management and Academic Staff

(ii)   Management and Non-Teaching Staff

Fri. 7th Feb. 2020

9:00am – 10:30a.m

10.30am – 12 Noon

4. Deadline for payment of Fees/End of Registration:

·         For all fresh students (ND I and HND I, Full Time and Part Time)

·         For all returning ND II SBMS and HND II students; Full Time and Part Time

Mon. 24th Feb. 2020

(i.e. 4 weeks from resumption)

Mon. 9th March, 2020

(i.e. 6 weeks from resumption)

5. Orientation activities (including Library Orientation) for all duly registered fresh students Mon. 16th – Fri.20th March,2020

(1 week)

6. Matriculation for Fresh Students Weds. 25th March, 2020
7. Resumption/commencement of Registration and Lectures for students on SIWES Mon.4th May, 2020
8. Deadline for payment of fees/End of registration for students on SIWES Mon. 18th May,2020
9. End of lectures for all categories of students, including those that returned from SIWES(ND, HND, Full-Time, Part-Time, Fresh and Returning) Sat. 27th June, 2020
10. 1st Semester 2019/2020 examination for all students – (ND I, ND II, HND 1 and HND II, Full Time and Part Time) Mon. 29th June – Sat. 18th July, 2020

(3 weeks)

11. End of 1st Semester, 2019/2020 Academic Session Sat. 18th July, 2020
12 * Commencement of 2nd Semester, 2019/2020

   Academic Session;

*  Commencement of Registration and Lecture for        

    all students

Mon, 20th July, 2020