Principal Officers

The Polytechnic Management is headed by the Rector. He is responsible for the day to day administration of the Institution.

The Polytechnic Management is made up of:


The following are the Management Support Departments/Units for administrative convenience of the Polytechnic:
1. The Registry with units such as:
• Governing Council Affairs
• Academic Affairs
• Establishments
• Legal Affairs
• General Admin/Welfare
• School Offices Administration
• Protocols

2. The Bursary with units such as:
• Accounts & Financial Management Unit
• Account & Management Unit
• General Stores
• Vote

3. Maintenance & Works with units such as:
• Physical Planning Unit
• Civil
• Electrical
• Parks/Garden
• Transport

4. Health Centre
5. Security Unit
6. The Public Relations Office (Rectorate)
7. Internal Audit (Rectorate)
8. Academic Planning Unit
9. Centre for Information and Technology Management (CITM)

Public Relations Office

Although the Polytechnic can be classified as a public non-commercial organisation which provides services to its various publics with no direct charge or price, there is still need for it to have in place effective PR practices in order for it to earn and sustain public understanding, acceptance and goodwill. Based on this realization therefore, the Public Relations office was established. It is one of the units directly under the Rector’s office.

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit is another arm of the Office of the Rector. The Unit is headed by an Internal Auditor. It is the internal financial control organ in the Polytechnic. It checks financial documents for the Bursary and ascertains the extent of financial compliance with established policies, regulations, plans and procedures. Also, it ensures that the Polytechnic’s assets are accounted for and safeguarded from losses of all kinds. The Unit advises the Rector as appropriate and in line with professional practice.

Legal Unit

The Legal Unit which is under the supervision of the Registrar was established in 2006 to provide legal advice, opinions and guidance to the Polytechnic Management. It is also to advise the Polytechnic Management on matters pertaining to all legislations and policies, to ensure compliance with the Polytechnic policies and statutory requirements. The unit serves as the secretariat in all disciplinary proceedings brought against staff members and the students of the Polytechnic.