Motto & Logo

Mapoly LogoThe Moshood Abiola Polytechnic’s Crest consists of a ‘U’ shaped shield atop a scroll which depicts the motto of the Institution – “Technology for Development”.


The name of the institution is inscribed on the top panel of the shield. On the logo are other symbolic items such as the wheel, which encircles the conical flask, a book, a communication mast, a tee-square and a body of water.


The shield is taped at the edges in purple colour while the wheel is in golden yellow. The body of water is depicted in blue. Other items are in black colour contrasting against a white background.



The Shield: represents a body of knowledge which serves as a protective element against ignorance.


The Wheel: symbolizes technology which propels a society progressively towards higher level of development.


The Elements Encircled in the Wheel: represent diverse fields of knowledge that are accommodated in the Institution.


The Communication Mast: denotes an engineering feat and an instrument of transmission of knowledge and information to the community at large.


The Conical Flask: represents pure sciences and technology.


Tee-Square: symbolizes design-based programs.


The Book: signifies formal education and scholarships.


The Blue Colour: stands for River Ogun, a prominent landmark that transverses Ogun state and from which Ogun state derives her name.


The Golden Yellow Colour on the Wheel: stands for purity and treasure.


The Purple Colour: stands for thoroughness and industry.