Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (MAPCED)


Moshood Abiola Polytechnic Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (MAPCED) was established in 2007 in line with the Federal Government of Nigeria’s policy on mandatory entrepreneurship education for all undergraduates.  The Policy was a response to the nation’s desperate need for resourcefulness and self-reliance in an attempt to combat the social ill of unemployment.

The idea is to equip young people with knowledge, skills, attitude and entrepreneurship spirit that would not only make them relevant and employable in the 21st century global work place but also make them potential employers.

The national supervisory agency for Polytechnics, the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) therefore ensured that the entrepreneurship curriculum is a balance of both theory and practical.  The curriculum promotes students’ loving inquiring minds, innovations, creativity, enterprising attributes and capacity for future learning.

The Centre offers attractive packages for both young and old in the society who have the quest for exciting careers that would fulfil their desire to be economically independent and also contribute their quota to the development of the nation via employment generation.


To help individuals in identifying, recognizing, developing and attaining their entrepreneurial potentials for sustainable national development.


Our mission is to nurture individuals with skills, attitudes and passion that would enable them to be job and wealth creators; through entrepreneurial Education and programmes for self-discovery, self-development and self-expression.


The objectives of this Directorate are to inculcate entrepreneurial skills and culture; to empower students socially, politically, technologically and economically and to free them from unemployment ordeals.

  1. To create and stimulate entrepreneurial awareness and culture in the institution and the society in general.
  2. To promote self-discovery, self-development and self-expression in entrepreneurial activities among individuals/group for wealth creation.
  3. To equip individuals with requisite knowledge skills and behavioral attributes to be successful entrepreneurs.
  4. To monitor, guide and counsel individuals/groups for successful entrepreneurial.
  5. To brand MAPOLY and her products as reference points in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education.
  6. To train and counsel individuals/groups in our immediate environment and beyond education, entrepreneurial knowledge, skills other relevant information and practice as part of our corporate responsibility.
  7. To serve as data bank of entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and other relevant information.
  8. To conduct research and collaborate with other institutions, individuals with similar objectives for entrepreneurial development, small-scale business financing and sustenance.
  9. To conduct research and publicize information on entrepreneurship skills, knowledge training and re-training needs.
  10. To facilitate entrepreneurial education, culture and practice through appropriate linkages and partnership.
  11. To facilitate access to inputs and financing for entrepreneurship through appropriate linkages and partnership.

In line with the above objectives, MAPCED offers attractive packages for both young and old in the society who have the quest for exciting careers that would fulfil their desire to be economically independent and also contribute their quota to the development of the nation via employment generation.


The activities, programmes and policies of the center shall be guided and influenced by:

  1. National and state aspiration, educational goals, policies and plans and needs in the economy.
  2. Institution’s vision, mission, core values, strength, and comparative advantage of the Polytechnic, the departments and the individuals in the Polytechnic.
  3. Research and specialized knowledge.
  4. Sound principles of education and balanced blend of theory and practice.
  5. Positive managerial conception of people and how to manage them.
  6. Conduct of research, collaboration with units and other institutions/individuals with similar goals for entrepreneurial development, small scales business financing and sustenance.
  7. Conduct of research and publication of information on entrepreneurship skills knowledge training and re-training needs.

MAPCED Departments

The Centre operates with two main departments viz:

(a)     Information, Research & Publication/Production

(b)     Training, Extension Services & Consultancy

MAPCED Units/Sections

Presently the Centre has seven (7) different trade units for the purpose of training and re-training students on chosen fields and desires.  Each unit is being handled by Facilitators who have the required training and experience on the units /vocation. The under listed are the units:

  • Barbing Salon
  • Beading and Decorations
  • Block Making
  • Catering and Hospitality
  • Food Processing
  • Hairdressing
  • Shoe/Leather Making/fashion Designing

What MAPCED Offers

(i)       Consultancy and Extension Services

(ii)      Conducting Social Needs Research

(iii)     Entrepreneurial Diagnosis, Counselling Advisory Services

(iv)     Public Awareness and Programme Marketing Activities

(v)      Development of Entrepreneurial Solution Programme for Identified Social Need/Groups

(vi)   Assisting the “Vocationalized” to Set up Ventures and Monitor same

(vii)    Execution of Special Programmes for Entrepreneurship image Branding

(viii)   Publication of Magazine and Scholarly Journals and Promoting Entrepreneurship Education and Small Businesses in Nigeria


  • Entrepreneurship Development Training Programmes
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme
  • Graduate Entrepreneurship Scheme
  • Retiree/Pensioner Entrepreneurship    
  • Students Empowerment Scheme

Consultancy & Extension Services

  • Entrepreneurship Networking
  • Organizational Development
  • Business Growth Strategies
  • Agricultural Entrepreneurship
  • Project Feasibility Build-up
  • Loan Appraisal and Facilitation
  • Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship Image Branding
  • Project Evaluation and Development
  • Vocational/Artisan Services
  • Entrepreneurial Diagnosis Counseling and Advisory Services
  • Entrepreneurial Development


  • Identification of Social, Corporate and Individual Entrepreneurial Training Needs
  • Development of Entrepreneurial Solution Programmes for Identified Social Needs
  • Product Planning and Development.
  • Market and Marketing Research

Information & Production

  • Ideas about Promotion and Competition
  • Public Awareness and Product Marketing Activities
  • Promotion of Entrepreneurship Education and Small Businesses
  • Publication of Magazine and Scholarly Journal
  • Entrepreneurship Data Bank