Centre for Linkages and Continuing Education

The Directorate of Linkages and Continuing Education was created as part of the fall-outs of Management’s retreat held at Ibadan, Oyo State in December, 2011. Prior to its establishment, there were three Directorates, each with distinct functions and responsibilities. These Directorates are: Directorate of Outreach Programme, Directorate of External Linkages and the School of Basic & Remedial Studies.
In the course of review of activities of each directorate at the retreat, it was discovered that there were overlapping functions and responsibilities while duplication of duties was obvious. This, apart from causing role conflict, was discovered as a way of wasting the resources of the Polytechnic. Hence, the decision to merge the erstwhile Directorate was reached to ensure effective and efficient utilization of the Polytechnic’s resources.

The new Directorate (Linkages & Continuing Education) has within it, two major units known as Linkages and Outreach Units as well as Continuing Education Unit for ease of coordination and control.

The mission of the Directorate is to make higher Education available to desirous youths and adults by bringing higher education closer to the people in line with government’s programme of “education for all”.


  1. Running and coordinating Outreach programmes
  2. Admission of qualified students into the programmes
  3. Examining and organizing examinations for the students.
  4. Ensuring appropriate Linkages and partnership programme with relevant individuals, organisations, groups, bodies or stakeholders.
  5. Implementation of Management’s policies and programmes on all partnership & Linkages programme.
  6. Running and coordinating of all transferred programmes from other institutions.
  7. Running and coordinating of all conversion programmes as may be appropriate.
  8. Serving as Coordinating Directorate/Link for staff or individual/body who might be on national or international programme such as post-graduate studies, conferences, seminars and workshops.
  9. Running of Remedial Programmes for Secondary School Leavers who have one deficiency or the other in their previous O/L exams.
  10. Organizing and Conducting Post UTME Admission Screening Tests for all prospective ND and HND candidates.