Instructions to Students on E-Learning and E-Registrations



Instructions on how to access and operate the e-learning platform will be available soon. Check this space for details later


This information is for students that have not completed their 2019/2020 academic session’s registration before the lockdown. The concerned students should take note:

  • Only students that have completed their registration (by the payment of school fees and registration of courses) will have access to the e-learning platform where lectures will be concluded and assessment taken for the rest of the semester.
  • Students that have already submitted their Clearance Form at the Admission Office before the lockdown should go ahead and pay their school fees. They are already enabled for such payment.
  • All students that have paid their school fees (100% or 60%) should go ahead and register their courses online. This is the only way they can have access to the e-learning platform
  • Students that have been given admission but are yet to pay Acceptance fee are to do so with immediate effect.
  • Students that have been cleared either Online or Offline should go ahead with the payment of school fees.
  • Students that have paid Acceptance Fee but are yet to do their Clearance can now do their clearance online by scanning and uploading their documents for the school officers to access and enable
  • NOTE THAT Only students that have not done their clearance and have not been enabled for school fees payment should go for the e-clearnace. Others that have already been cleared before the lockdown (or that have submitted their clearance form at the admission office) do not need to upload any document online


  • Go to
  • Login with the Username and Password used for application
  • Click on “Check Admission Status
  • Click on “Upload Credentials
  • Select the document you want to upload from the dropdown
  • Search for the file from your system
  • Click on “Upload
  • Repeat this for all your required documents
  • You can delete any of the document and re-upload them
  • You you are through, you click on “I have uploaded all necessary credentials”
  • Then you log out
  • You can login to the same page again few days later to check your “Clearance Status” Which will indicate if you have been cleared or not.
  • If you have been “Approved and Enabled for Payment“, you can go ahead and make your school fees payment and register courses
  • If you were “Rejected“, you should make adjustment to the documents uploaded based on the reasons given by the School Officer.